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GEORGE RESIDENCE: Your Vacation Rental and Wellness haven.

In the business of our everyday lives, finding a serene escape becomes essential for our well being. Ceaselessly working without a break can have detrimental long-term consequences. Recognising this, we offer a haven for those seeking rejuvenation, a space where unwinding seamlessly blends with refreshing experiences.

Many individuals have been conditioned to believe that achieving “wellness” involves exclusively pursuing physical health and dietary restrictions.

The narrow view of wellness as solely physical health and good diet needs reexamination, there’s a very vital ingredient often overlooked and that is relaxation. While it might seem counterintuitive, prioritising relaxation isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for your overall well-being and health.

At George Residence, wellness isn’t just a buzzword it’s a way of life, we offer an abundance of amenities and services designed to elevate your living experience and provide an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience, we take this a step further by creating outdoor spaces for relaxation.

At George Residence it is not just about having a luxurious apartment, it’s about embracing a lifestyle that priorities your well-being. It’s a place where you can reconnect with yourself, de-stress, and revitalise your mind, body, and soul. It’s about coming home to your haven of peace, knowing that everything you need to cultivate your well-being is within reach. Our partnership with Oriki Spa  ensures you can get private massages from the comfort of our living spaces.

We endeavour to  go above and beyond to provide its residents with exceptional services, you can take advantage of our exclusive gym services, pool area and spa treatments. We bring the calming embrace of nature to your doorstep with lush landscaping, and serene outdoor spaces. Take a walk amidst the greenery and simply soak up the sunshine, these elements contribute to a sense of well-being and a connection to the natural world. 

Beyond pampering, picture having your own in-house chef, creating meals that not only satisfy your cravings but also nourish your body with the goodness of each season. Enjoy dishes crafted with love by expert chefs, using only the richest, locally sourced ingredients at their peak of ripeness. And of course, all dietary needs are meticulously considered, ensuring a personalized approach to healthy living that tantalise your taste buds. 

Ready to plan your next escape to wellness? Tell us your ideal relaxation activities and amenities, and we’ll help you craft the perfect getaway at George Residence.